Inspection Training for Ongoing Construction - Commercial

Hi guys,

I was hoping that you may be able to help me here. I’ve been recently employed by a large contracting firm in Canada that delivers projects in mainly commercial, health and some residential sectors.

One of my main tasks is to find/develop a inspection course for our Superintendents with the aim of them achieving an Inspection designation at the end of it (such as the CPI).

However, many of the training courses that I see are aimed at Home inspections or Commercial property inspections (after construction). Do you have any advice for me?

At the moment, due to te difficulties of finding a inspection course for superintendents, I have started to develop our own in-house inspection course which is being accredited by Gold Seal. However, a third party designation for the guys that complete the training course, such as the CPI, would really give the course weight and create buy-in to the course.

Have you guys any advice on what options are available to me?

Email me at and I’ll send you what you need. I think I already have it all.