Inspection travel distance

So how far does one inspector go for a home inspection. I am just curious as to see how far my fellow inspectors travel to complete a home inspection. I usually go if it is worth the money for me.

I tend to go up to 120 miles one way for a home inspection.

How far is too far?

I have never gone this far, but I have gone around 75 when slow, repeat or client’s family needs an inspection. Year round average is 30 one way average per (insp. with radon p/u or drop off) or (radon tests only).

Farthest I’ve went for a Home inspection is 100 miles, and that was just last week to inspect a log home up in the hills. The majority are within 40 miles.

I have went much farther for commercial inspections.

I frequently travel 100-120 miles one way. My record to date for a standard home inspection is 180 miles one way. I have no limit. I cover all of Minnesota and northern Iowa. Commercial inspections my coverage expands exponentially.

“Too far” is determined by any bordering states I am not licensed in, and my clients wallet. And yes… long distances include overnight lodging fee’s (and a stipend for the local bait shop)!

Gotta love NOT doing 5 a day!

I have gone over 200 miles for a commercial inspection. My OP was for residential inspections. Gotta make that money :smiley:

Too far is when they no longer want to pay your travel fee.

I try to stick to less than 100 miles.

I catch planes to do commercial inspections.

If you are paid for distance, take the money. Hence:

nothing is too far
420miles 1-way
3 full days + travel & all expenses paid toward bottom of page
not the farthest either
driving this due to all the gear they’ll need ;~))

2 hours regularly. Commercial anywhere, mold anywhere in my state and some mold and structural drying in NY state because it is close to me. It is only 3 hours from the top of the state to the bottom. 3 hours across the top of the state. Pretty easy to get everywhere unless you are going East to West and vice versa, when you are crossing mountains and can’t take certain roads in the winter. Vermont is a very North/South state to travel.

I will travel as far as someone is willing to pay, provided it is within the state.

I will not go where American currency is not accepted.

Everywhere else is fair game.

Farthest is probably Richmond, Va.(about 315 miles from my home). My sister’s friend wanted a CMI, and I needed an excuse to see my sister.

I charged “a little extra” for the long trip.

I think the question is more about the inspectors region more than the individual inspector.

Los Angeles, a highly populated urban area, it’s rare I get called to go very far. I am in the San Fernando Valley, and I don’t get too many calls to call outside of the Valley. There is little chance of me getting called to go all the way across the Los Angeles basin, because there are other inspectors already living across town.

95% of business is with-in 30 miles, and probably close to 50% is with-in 15 miles.

Today I have 2, one is 9 miles away, the 2nd is almost walking distance from home.

Hey! Stay on your side of the line. :stuck_out_tongue:
Actually, I have been on the fence about getting licensed in WVa. I don’t live too far from the line, but haven’t been able to justify the spend.

My main area is 65 miles from city center which I am very near. But, I also will go out further as long as the client understands there are extra travel costs which I have up on my site. I did one this summer in Brandon, Manitoba which is a 3.5 hour drive away. The travel costs were as high as the inspection cost, but there was no question and paid with no issues.