Inspection's out of this world!


You really should hire[employ] a JANITOR!!!:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Just waiting for one of these to be more centrally located. Then I’ll attend.

I think this will be my 6th trip to Orlando in 4 months. Hope this show does turn out to be “out of this world,” Nick;-)

Mario. Ask the staff at NACHI. I really am the Janitor. I clean both the mens and womens rooms including the toilets every week, myself.

That way no one complains when I tell them to clean up the office.

Nick cleans the toilets better than any cleaning lady I have ever had. Now if I could only teach him how to cook.

How funny would it be to see Nick decked out in a chef’s hat and an apron?

Actually you will.

Brenton Business Publications is putting together a book of home inspector recipes. They have me in a kitchen stirring a pot as the book’s front cover.

Due to be released this summer.

Why am I not surprised? Is it safe to say that your apron will be tattooed with the NACHI logo?

I think we got a “Best Seller” here…


You must be a good cook!!

Nick I did ask this before. Do you know when Pro Lab will announce what education classes they will be having? They have only posted information on the speakers so far and most of them are vendors.

Oh the metaphors…LOL!:roll: :twisted: