Inspection Universe

Hello Nick,

I know NACHI is not organizing Inspection Universe but do you know when they will post what education classes they are going to have there.

its on the web link

It only mentions the speakers it says nothing about the education classes.

Maybe they should get Mr. Sparks to go an Electrical Class…tehehehehehe

Sorry…I could not resist myself…Bad Paul…BAAADDD PAUL…now off to the corner for me

Carl, I’ll be doing a seminar there that’s good for CEU’s (I hope).

The classes seem to be scheduled accordingly.

Look under the speakers names, the class they will be teaching is on the second line.

Then the schedule simply reads…Educational seminars throughout the days, with no specific seminars scheduled. So I’d imagine that the exact speaker, and class times will be announced/advertised on opening day.

A lot of the speakers listed are vendors. I have not got a problem with that but I would rather not pay $499.00 just to listen to people who are trying to sell me something.
If those speakers are also going to be the only educators there will not be many education classes.

Inspection universe is kind of like a large home show.