Inspection Vehicle for sale

I am selling my 2008 Chevy HHR Panel. I figured before I stripped it down and out, I would see if anyone wanted a turn key ride for business. Maybe if you need a back up or only part time.
Asking $3500.00
**I will have the lettering stripped off and the car cleaned. **

The details are: 2.2 L 4 cyl motor Auto trans
178,000 miles. I just put tires on it a month ago.
All maintenance done by me. Fluids always changed. I did the timing and balance shaft chains, with front seals at around 130K

The interior has leather seats with no rips or tears, catch all floor mats. Dash and interior in good shape.

The work space has two custom made storage drawers, and I built the interior. You can store a folding ladder inside to keep it dry.

It is a work vehicle and does have the normal few dings and small dents or stone chips you would expect. The front bumper has a small crack. The worst dent is some butthole hit me in the lowes parking lot a couple months ago, and left a place at the back rear fender. Nice to hit and leave. :frowning: For the cost of repairs, it wasn’t worth it for me to fix it. The only thing it needs soon is a rear door latch. Its working now but starting to show some wear.

If you want more info call me at 321-506-5504
More pic below in 2nd post

Here are a few more…

Why are you selling Sean?

Btw that’s a pretty cool set up! :slight_smile:

Sean, several years ago I had the same thing happen. Some one hit me in a parking lot and took off.

I called my insurance agent and he told me that if I went down and filed a police report that my insurance would cover all the damage with no deductible. Something to consider…:slight_smile:

Im selling because I need a truck. and I bought one.
I will look into the insurance. I figured with the deductible, it probably wasn’t worth it.

Sold :slight_smile:


How did you like the HHR? I am looking to get one for inspections.

I have a 2009 4 dr HHR and a 2006 4dr before that.

Great inspection vehicle. Little giant Ladders all fit inside with everything else.

Go for it you will not be disappointed


PS may have to push the passenger seat forward a bit.

That was a very good price wish I was closer!

I’ve personally seen it. Nice car and a cool set up on the back for tool storage unless he took it out. Sean what truck did you get and how much and year?