Inspection websites?

Cool, don’t send it to Bob though - he left off my website earlier :frowning: .:mrgreen:

Sorry for the stiff arm Richard.No dis intended.
I just went through a template list and picked a few for variation, with interesting photo’s.
I like your Chicago scenes. :slight_smile: just giving a hard time.Didn,t you have a different template before.Try 12

I just emailed Domininc - told him I was going to change theme weekly to keep him on his toes!

I’ll look at 12 later.

Yeah ,thanks for reminding me, as he has some new ones to check out.
Plus tutorials.
Checkout my new link wordage below as example.

Nice job Bob, the technical term would be “Anchor Text”. Watch your rankings soar, write them down today so we can see them next week.

I use Front Page (2002) and, but then I used to do web sites for a living. I am such a fossil :wink:

Thanks Scott. I have several domains and think I will be doing just that.