inspection zone

I don’t see the Inspection Zone site showing up anymore in searches.

I have not tried emailing Sean since he never answered several emails a few years ago.

Looks like a site gone bad, anyone renewing their ads there?

I let mine expire about 6 months ago as I wasn’t getting anything out of it. I keep getting renewal emails, but have no interest anymore.



Yes you are correct, I just looked at many search sites, the sites he is coming up at his website has dropped way down, bottom of first page at Yahoo, second page at MSN, did not even see the site on Google or Ask.

Maybe Sean tried something to get the site a better ranking and ended up getting penalized?..:shock:

My listing expires today. They want $675 for another year.

I don’t think so!!


Greg, maybe he is selling the entire website…:shock:

I think I paid $80.00 a year…second listing…if he raises it to $90.00 I would not renew!

But in the past when it was ranked high I did get quite a few inspections from the site.

Well, if Greg isn’t renewing, i’m definitely not. He’s the smartest guy I know!!!

Greg Bell,
The following featured listing will expire on 03/31/08:
Florida Home Inspectors Showcase 2nd State-wide Featured Listing.
If you would like to renew this advertising sponsorship, please renew by 03/31/08. There is no penalty for renewing early. Were you to renew today for 3 additional months, your new expiration date would be 07/01/08. Renew today for 12 additional months and your new expiration date would be 04/01/09. We hope you’ll stay on board as we continue to develop and, in turn, your exposure! The current market rate for a 12 month extension for this featured listing is $675. For a 3 month extension, it is $185.
During the past month this featured listing advertisement has been seen by 2673 people.

To purchase an extension, please sign in at and you’ll be presented with access to performance reports and subscription extension options. You can pay online via Paypal (no Paypal account is required).
Thanks in advance! Norm and Sean (the geeks running

Hi Greg,

I wonder if Norm screwed up that email? He is the one who generally sends the email from Sean.

I have his email address around here somewhere, I’ll have to look for it, but wasn’t your last purchase around $80.00 or something like that, for the year?

Simply hard to believe they would possibly think they could raise the price like that.

I had a listing, and it was like third or fourth. I listed pertinent information like qualifications, service areas, and contact information. There were a few a head of me that spelled out everything and gave their life story as home inspectors. So to see my ‘ad’, you had to scroll down a few pages. What was the point? I also did some keyword searches and found it didn’t have rank for my target market. I let mine expire.


This reminds me of a badly managed boat dock that I once had a boat at.
The owner hid behind an incompentent manager and when things got rough the rent plan changed and they demanded that you had to “buy” the slip for $10k, no more renting allowed.

These were very new, nice private slips too, within 3 weeks most of the boats were gone, then they sent out letters saying “oh you can still rent” then they folded.

Success is the seed of future failure when in the hands of greedy, clueless, incompetent business people.

Email I recieved from inspectionzone…

Thank you Ray. I did check your listing performance and see it is actually still performing pretty well and is a value compared to other online advertising options. You have paid $30 to $50 for 3 month terms on average. We have recently set a minimum charge for a 3 month term of $49, so your price has not doubled but is at the minimum. However, that being said, if you renew for a 3 month term, I will extend your listing another 1.5 months. Just let me know after you renew and I will take care of it. Otherwise we will be sorry to have you leave us, and hope you will keep us in mind for the future.

We continue working on the issue with Google, and remain unhappy they have not yet relisted our pages. Our work to make Google happy has resulted in higher SERPs and click throughs from other search engines. Sean is working feverishly on massive PPC campaigns on MSN, Google and Yahoo to replace lost Google traffic. After developing the code to facilitate this he is rolling out into MSN now and is already bidding on about 100,000 terms.

For years state-wide advertisers made massive returns on their small investment (relative to other industry venues), and all we ask is for some patience while Sean rebuilds traffic volume. Despite our sites being 100% in compliance with Google guidelines, we haven’t yet been able to meet with their “spam” team’s satisfaction. Google’s treatment of penalized sites is very Kafka-esque. Sean has got more changes en route and is willing to explore all possibilities in order to have our content be restored in Google.

We understand due to our very high past performance of our listings, that current listing holder’s expectations is very high. We hope to get back to those previous highs but also believe our listings remain a value and competitive with other forms of online advertising, with or without Google. However we have launched new showcase directory sites using the very same code from our existing sites, and Google is currently indexing the new sites and adding them to the top of their organic searches. We feel it is only a matter of time before our existing sites are once again readded to Google’s index.

Best regards,


You just stated the problem, when you make other sites with the same content as another, they all could be considered spam sites by google’s alogorithim.

I looked at and see the problems.

Sean needs to hire someone who knows how to build websites that are indexable and google friendly.

For 5 years of free listings equal to what I now pay for I will show him what all is wrong.



Is this what you want me to post?

I have been listed with Micro for the last 2 years. I receive at least 10 calls per month from “Find a Mold”. I highly suggest this site for anyone doing Mold inspections. The cost is $100/year or less for a two year listing.
They also support NACHI!!

Follow the link for the website.

I have a free listing with inspectionzone and I’m constantly been bombarded with e-mails to upgrade.

Here is my last, (and I mean last) email to them:

*"Well actually, my initial email was direct to Sean but I guess he does *
not answer them or he does not exist.

*I just thought he should know that I am not interested in his *
promotions about his “offers” since the one I bought no longer does me any good."

and this was Norm’s response:

[size=2]*"Sean is the owner of the sites and has hired me to support the site, and I do send constructive feedback to him and he also reviews tickets from time to time even though it is my job to respond to customers. *
I do see we extended your listing once as we worked through cleaning up our listings in the google index. Unfortunately I do not have an update on that. It’s ultimately up to google when they will relist us, but we continue to resubmit our site maps to google and remain hopefull we will be relisted soon.
We also continue to increase traffic coming from other search engines, and look at other ways to increase traffic if we are not relisted in google index soon. In the meantime I have gone ahead and extended your listing through 6/1/08.
Best regards,

I dropped IZ, since it wasn’t generating any money for me. Plus they tweak the html to prevent google from using is an inbound link to my site.

Today, got this great offer in my inbox. “Pennsylvania Home Inspectors Showcase 7th State-wide” All for more than what I use to (only a month or two ago) pay for 3rd place. I was thinking WTF is 7th going to get me when 3rd at one time had me serveral pages down the screen?

Ha ha ha ha ha

thanks for the tip.

Inspection zone should be back on google in a few weeks to a month or so.

I have sent them a “to do” list for the site, hopefully they will act on it.