I need an inspection in my apartment so bad, it’s so unhealthy for us to stay in this place especially with my disabilities staying flared up from the water damage, mold and airborne mold spores. I’m getting nowhere with the health department because there’s no active water leaking right now it doesn’t matter that my walls in my room and basement are breaking, my basement floods, mold coming out my kitchen walls, closet, under bathroom sinks, musty smell, wet building smell and a ton of illnesses. Does anyone know an inspector that would come, in CT…

Wow, sounds serious. One would ask, if these conditions exist, why are you still there?
Sounds like a bait posting to me.

In my experience your landlord isn’t going to do anything. Your best course is to move. The only thing a inspector can help you with is getting out of your lease.

Just an FYI I get calls like this every month.

Honestly, you’re better off saving the $500 you are considering spending on an inspection and putting it towards a security deposit and moving.

I would start here. Ct has laws regarding both parties.