InspectionLocator offers InterNACHI member discount.

The links do not work, they just come back to nachi.

The bottom 2 links are messed up but you can just go to

Yeah not sure what happened there? Must of been some error when Nick made the post.

Hey Nick if you see this can you edit those links so they work properly?

Thanks for the help Dominic!

They do work I promise!

Ray T.


I tried, in vain, to sign up for a free listing. I even got a response from your site with an activation key but it wouldn’t take. Any suggestions?


Hi Larry,

I did not see an active account created? You may need to create your account again…

If you received the email with the activation code, click it to confirm. Then try to log into your account.

It should work. If not please email me here:




That is with out a doubt, the most frustrating site to enter a listing on that I have ever encountered!!!:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Hey Mike. B

Good to hear from a Michigander. I was born and raised in Flint, MI.:cool:

In regards to, I am sorry if you are having some issues. It would be nice to know what those issues are. I obviously do not want the directory to frustrate anyone and would appreciate any feedback you may have to make it more inspector friendly.

I see you have in fact signed up for a account and it’s active, so I would assume you are having an issue submitting a listing?

I would like to correct any problems you have and get your listing up and running, if you would like.

Could you please email me here

And if anyone else has questions/concerns/issues - could you please email me at as well? It will speed the communication process up.


Hi All,

Just a quick update…

I am glad to announce that there has been about 40 InterNACHI inspectors join!

As always if you have any questions drop me a line at

Ray T.