Inspections of appliances

Does an inspection cover the appliance’s in the home? I had a home inspected and on the flyer that is distributed at the realtor’s office and in front of the home it says that the the home has new carpet, paint, appliances. Come to find out the appliances are of the year 2001. Now on the flyer at the very bottom are the words "Information here in deemed reliable but not guaranteed. This is what the realtor is using as an escape goat.

An inspection covers the built in appliances in both states I work in.

The nachi SOP does not include appliances.

Even if the appliances are inspected, the age may not be included in the report.

To expand on your question,
If the house is older than 2001 then the appliances were replaced with “new ones” at some point. How long do they remain “new” is the argument at this point.

Philip, I agree with Bruce, a typical home inspection would include the verification of the proper operation of built-in appliances but not necessarily the age of the appliance. That could, however, be an added, extra service an inspector might offer. Very few offer age verification or recall notices as a standard part of their Inspection Agreement though. Review the Agreement you undoubtedly approved prior to your inspection for the details. Bottom line, your beef is with the Realtor or the Seller most likely, not the inspector.


Check out this doc. appliance tables start on pg. 7