Anybody get any calls from their listing on this site, my listing is about to expire and I see they want everyone to pay for two years in advance, well I do not know if they will even be in business in two years.

I sent emails to them using every form available they have on their site claiming to be their email address and they all bounce.

Weird…anyone else renew with them?

I have not had any calls saying they found me on that site in a long time.

hey mate,

wasn’t this the project that HomeGauge started?



I did not renew last week. No calls traced to their service.

Since when do you need these bs listings? LOL.

I renewed a few months ago for a #3 position statewide but not until they came down to $60 or $70 for the year. I probably won’t renew next year as I haven’t been able to associate any inspections with their site.

HomeGauge? lost me mate—::))))

Erol …I have been on there for years, I can’t figure out why I cannot email Norm, or Sean, from InspectionZone, the emails bounce.

The listing was a good one for a long time, I see they are coming back up in the rankings they lost some how.

But I think they made a mistake with the cost—::)))))

Sorry Dale,

I must have my wires crossed, I’ll delete my previous post, please do the same




I use to advertise with them a few years ago but they jacked up their rates AND got banned from Google and STILL are banned by Google (see here)

Here is a valid email address for support through them

Now I own 2 directories and that are not banned by any search engines. Matter of fact I can have you on page 1 of Google targeting your local keywords. I only charge $5 per month for 1 directory or $8 per month for 2 directories. No contracts, pay monthly, cancel ANYTIME. I have tons of proof that I can get you top rankings. Look at these guys who just joined yesterday.

Ranks #3 page 1 on Google for ‘‘Corona California Home Inspector’’ (and many more terms)

Ranks #2 and #3 page 1 on Google for ‘‘Frankfort Illinois Home Inspector’’ (and many more terms)

Ranks #1 #1 page 1 on Google in less than a week for ‘’ Thermal Imaging Elgin Illinois’’ (and many more terms)

This was just a quick search with the 3 most recent advertisers that joined.

With out going into too much detail basically it’s like your website you have to tweak it to target your area. I have to tweak or make the listings to rank for the terms you are wanting to compete for. That means my directories will rank high for your listing AFTER I make it… it has to exist first.

I do rank for generic terms like

Cool thing is it’s cheap, no contracts, and as long as you stay an active member with a listing I will NEVER raise your rates! Rates may go up for NEW customers and NEW price points. So if you have a listing for $5 a month and stay active… 3 years from now you will still pay $5 per month. These directories grow every day. Even if you have page 1 Google rankings for let’s say ‘‘Atlanta Home Inspector’’ why not now have 2 rankings for the same term? It gives you a 20% chance of being found by a customer versus only 10% We can compete for any term… Thermal Imaging, Commerical, Building, Property, Home, Mold, Radon Inspector and so on.

Questions email me anytime… please do not PM me with directory listing related questions.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks Ray, I will check your site out.

I am #1 in Google for Home Inspector Scottsdale, and variations of the term.

Was wondering why InspectionZone was not listed, now I know…!!

No Dale. It was the same thing with Home Inspection USA. Just stopped coming in. And when the rare call does come through, it is a price shopper who you never hear from again. You end up paying about 50 bucks per lead.

Yeah I hear you, when every email address I have, had, and just received from posts here bounce, something is WRONG----:lol:

Sean must be to busy with his horse farm to pay attention to his paying customers.

I believe he posted an explanation awhile ago stating that he got kicked off of Google for angering the spiders or something when Google last revamped their search engine parameters. Since his attempts to rectify this have failed, why doesn’t he just launch a new domain for the Google results? With no Google results and being listed number 5 at best in any city in my service area behind inspectors that are a 2- 5 hour Interstate drive away, its a no-brainer to decline their paid listings.

Man for those prices I should get something going :smiley:

I did not renew with them…240 bucks for two years, I might not be alive for two years—:twisted:

Got this response from Sean regarding the ongoing lack of search engine hits.

I’ve been trying for months to get back on Google. It was banned along with a few of my other sites, for reasons which I cannot fathom. This month, two of the formerly banned sites returned to Google so I’m expecting to be returning shortly. I’ve changed the architecture of my sites and I believe the change got Google out of whatever funk it was in my some of my sites.

I’m actually doing pretty well in both MSN and Yahoo search. Yahoo is by far more popular than MSN, and I’m doing particularly well there. Once the Google ban is lifted on InspectionZone I expect to be drawing more traffic than ever.

I don’t target just the state searches, I’ve always targeted primarily city based searches. When someone searches for an inspector in WA they’re not going for the entire state.

I removed some of the links he posted at this spot.

And so on. The trick is to have a very large net that catches people searching for inspectors using the 100+ city/town names.

Google is the big kahuna, that’s for sure. It’s disappointing that they’re going all Kafka and nuking sites from their index with no explanation or recourse. In my defense, I adjust rates to account for traffic patterns. And truth be told, if isn’t back on Google by December 1st I’m going to be transitioning to a new domain to bypass the ban. I don’t think its fair to be cast out of Google for no good reason, particularly when other competing sites are so absolutely terrible (and clearly break Google’s rules) but remain in Google. All of my content would move to the new domain, and re-indexing would be pretty rapid. I’ve avoided taking this route because I hate the idea of scrapping my domain name brand, but I’ll be damned if Google is going to hold me back.