Inspectit software help

I have been using Inspecit reporting software since I started busniess, this is before I new about HIP. Anyhow, I just purchased a new labtop and have Office 2010 on here.
When I installed this program on office 2010, I had to change some of the settings in the file section, but I can’t remember which ones. Anyone using inspect it with Office 2010?

Maybe something at link below can help you, I don’t use Office 2010:

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Yes word

Inspectit does not work on office 2010… The codes they used, were (at least the last time I tried it) incompatible with the version, platform and or architecture of office 2010.
Just drop them completely and go with HIP (or some other real software with real and competent support)

Being a former inspect it user, I had issues and I am glad I now use HIP.

My advice is to switch to HIP and never look back.

I planned on switching, just not yet, been off work for a while with shoulder surgery, and funds are a little low right now. But I seriously will be switching to HIP.

Martin, I can set you up with a free 3 month license if you’d like. Just send me an email.

Thanks Dom!!
I just got it working. Inspect it does work with Office 2010.

Dom, I hope to contact you after the first of the year and get HIP going.

Sounds good Martin.