InspectIt Template

Hello everyone,

Does anyone have a Pool and Spa template for InspectIt software?

Art Martinez
Always First Home Inspections

Art, you might want to look around these boards for opinions on InspectIt. Just out of curiosity, how long have you been using it?

Kenton, I have been using Inspectit for several years. I purchase the software years ago when there was a one time fee. I have been pretty happy with it expect when I need a certain template, such as Pool/spas which I have to create it myself. I use Horizon for commercial inspections but their cost for residential is expensive and I already own the InspectIt software. I know most inspector don’t like InspectIt but It has come a long way since I purchase it. I used to have to complete my reports at the end of the day on my office computer but now I am able to complete my inspection reports on-site. Thanks for asking,


Art, just so you know, you can copy and paste narratives from my library and I cover a wide variety of inspection subjects. Pretty much faster than writing those narratives yourself. Either the Word or Excel version will work.