Has anybody heard of “Inspectopia” I got an email from them about a lead service. Good, bad, or bs. If anybody does subscribe are their quality leads?


George Swatzbaugh
Emerald Inspection Service, LLC

Use the free listing. Most of these services are not worth what you pay.

If I’m not mistaken Inspectopia is ASHI and Inspectopedia is InterNACHI.

They used to be a great lead generator. Got 5-6 a month. Then they changed their way of listing inspectors without any warning. I had paid for one of the top 2 spots in the State and next thing I knew, there was no “State” listing, only counties. And since I hadn’t paid for a county spot, I fell off the lists. I complained and they did nothing… well nothing except send more and more emails trying to sell their new system. Without a paid spot, you won’t see any leads from them. They will list all the paid slots well before they show the free ones.

There’s a test I perform to determine if I’m going to pay for a listing on a website.

Let’s use inspectopia as an example.

Inspectopia wants to sell me a “premium listing” so I google “Richmond home inspector”

Inspectopia isn’t anywhere to be found in the search results. They aren’t even paying for Adwords. That means the people searching for richmond Home inspectors aren’t going to find inspectopia. The money I would spend to not be found can be used to pay someone to make sure MY website is found.

It’s that simple. I’m not sure about other areas, but anyone paying inspectopia in my area is a fool.