Inspector Advantage offers NACHI members half price for 6 months.

We recently had a breakthrough here at Inspector Advantage. We are the new home inspector only answering service that helps inspectors get nspection orders whether they are on the road, on the roof, on vacation, or sick in bed.

Now when we take your calls, sell your services and book the inspection, we can now send inspection orders so that they can be opened up directly in HomeGauge. Just another thing we do to help simplify inspector’s lives and free up your time. You can try it for yourself right now by having our system send you an inspector order. Just go to]( and create a test order that will come to you via email.

Regardless if you use HG or not, I am convinced that will find our service invaluable, so I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is. Through the month of April I am extending an offer to NACHI members to try out our service at HALF PRICE for 6 months. That’s half off our monthly fee and half off on our per inspection fee. PLUS, you’ll still get the NACHI 5 free inspections a month too.

For prices or to take advantage of this offer, contact or give me a call at 770-378-5371 (mobile).

Stephen Bentley

Nice work Stephen! Any HG users who needs personalized service should try this company!

Russell Buchanan
HomeGauge President