Inspector Arrested


They should have used a NACHI guy.

I saw that this morning, it just goes to show you if you become to laxed in your day to day job somehow someway it will come back to bite you hard as this case did.
So always remember as busy as we all get stay focused on what got us here originally hard work and thoroughness.

Don’t ever believe them when they say… “this is new construction by a really
good builder… you won’t find much in this home”.

Nothing better than pencil whipping a safety report. :twisted:

Now that is a term I haven’t heard in almost a decade.


It’s too bad people had to die for this guy to be brought to light.

lazy a-hole should have done his job. He gets paid enough to do it.

What they are glossing over, aside from his apparent negligence, is the fact that the crane was inspected the day before the collapse

Thinking Scape-Goat?