Inspector Book Library

Close to becoming a CPI and I’m wondering if the InterNACHI Inspector Book Library is worth $150. Just wondering if it’s helpful.

As a side, do software packages help ensure items are not missed?

You may need to set-up your software template to cover all standards of practice areas. This will help you report on all SOP required systems.

Sorry, I cannot help you with a book.


HomeGauge can/does if you setup your template according to your SOP, as Brian noted.


Set your software template up as a systems format and not room format. Then just take the SOP you are going to follow and insert the required items you must report on in each section. You will also have to develop your inspection routine in a way that makes the most sense to you not just for the inspection portion but also your software template. This way you won’t have to jump around as much (within the software) when inserting images. It’s a continuous work in progress. Just when you think you have it exactly like you want it you’ll find a better and more efficient way to do it. It’s definitely overwhelming at first but it does get easier as time goes by and you get more experience.

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You may consider this once you have selected a reporting software. I have not used it, so ask around. (this is for homegauge, he has the others for popular report writing softwares)

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I’ve questioned the same thing on if the narrative would be helpful. I ultimately decided to write my own comments, because then the comments in my report were my own words and opinion on what I observed.

Like others have said if you set up your template to follow the standard of practice then yes it helps to not miss items. But the biggest habit I’ve found to not miss items is to follow the same routine at each house.


Hi Michael,
I’ve used the InterNACHI Narrative Library digital format for ease of finding phrases and copy / paste. It has been very helpful.