Inspector conflict of interest - comparable home

Sorry you willingly took $25K less than you believe it was worth.
I don’t know if it was paranoia and/or desperation.
Hopefully you can pack your bags, move & consider stopping your sour grapes.

Lol - I posted on this forum for additional objective perspectives on this somewhat unique scenario as it raises an interesting quandary, not for baseless assumptions.

WAFI alert

Let us go over the facts.
1: The inspector was retained by the purchaser. One would consider, Independence has been justified.
2: A: The listing agent has nothing to do this the home inspectors independence. You are one or another. The inspector is not waring two hats.
3: There is no financial interest shared by yourself and the inspector. Just because you both own real estate in the same building is due to the fact that the home inspector purchased the residence there and are both share holders of common areas.
You share no financial interests of his private area as he shares no financial interest with your private area. If you or he did, you would both be getting a share of the financial interest with a contract attesting to that fact.

Sorry to say but as far as I can tell, and I am not a lawyer, your augment does not hold water.