Inspector exam


I want to prepare for the inspectors exam. I’ve failed it 3 times now. Which courses should I take on the website to prepare to take the test?

Why do you need to take “the inspectors exam”?

You could join InterNACHI and take all of their FREE courses.

I just passed the illinois state exam. It is difficult and i would recommend using the It helps get the concepts stuck in your head. Also look at other sources such as code books and books on plumbing/electrical. All you can do is study study study! Im a huge diy-er with no real construction background and i passed the first time. The Illinois test is basicly the national home inspector exam with a few state specific questions.

I would recommend the NACHI practice test:

Also download the quizlet app and do a search for some flashcards I created. Recommend the two labeled 1) Home Inspections Study Questions (485 flashcards questions). 2) Home Inspection Flashcards (375 flashcards questions)

Good luck and I hope it helps

Quick question. Have you had any formal HI training or are you trying to take the exam cold?

If you fail a fourth time you should Really consider a different profession.

I took the national exam today and passed it. To prepare I did the internachi practice exams and took the AHIT online training course, its cheaper than taking the test 4 times and failing it.