Inspector Gear Pick of the Week

This weeks pick Rechargeable 4V Cordless Screwdriver with Circuit Sensor Technology

I’ve got one and it definitely saves time.

Nice size and it has a built in sensor for detecting live components !

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Ken, post some tool belts :slight_smile:

Simon, I’ll have to do a little digging tool belts are like flashlights everyone has their favorite and of course the one they use is always the best. I suspect that there may be several good options.

That’s the problem, that’s why we need a 2021 short list of top picks :slight_smile:

We had a request for tool pouches/belts. Picking a way to carry your tools is a very personal choice there many options and like choosing reporting software it’s difficult to choose the best option and when you do choose you will justify your choice as the best possible option even though it may have limitations.

For this Pick of the Week we are just touching on the basic tool pouches and are not venturing into tool vest, cargo or tactical pants. We’ll get to those later. So if your a through home inspector and have read this far don’t post about vest or pants.

With that our TOP 3 PICKS for tool pouches INSPECTOR GEAR PICK OF THE WEEK

Our favorite brand was the Tough Built tool belt system, It comes with a wide variety of different sized tool pouches and belts. The tough Built system also has a unique clip hub that allows you to easily inter change pouches with out removing the tool belt. TOUGHBUILT TOOL BELT SYSTEM


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Promo code for Steep Gear roofing shorts 20% off regular price. Just passing this along we don’t get any commission or benefit from this other than the satisfaction of informing the inspector community.


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Arrived in today’s mail stay tuned.

Sewer scopes are hot so why not have the right accessories


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Principles of Home Inspection is a great comprehensive reference book. A nice addition to your home inspection technical library.


If your looking for a small and compact moisture meter that will fit easily in your tool pouch, vest or pocket. Here’s one that another inspector passed along to us. The Flir MR 40


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Nice to have in the attic or crawlspace. I use mine often.

Absolutely, just what I was thinking. I keep my meters in the tool bag and don’t carry them with me, especially into the crawlspace as they either fall out of my pocket, I leave them or they may get damaged. Something small and relative inexpensive compared to the GE models might just be the ticket.