Inspector Heaven out there. Market perfect for inspectors to get rich. So get rich!

Many sellers like to think their house is perfect. And if it isn’t, they don’t want a relative stranger telling them so. That’s been my general feeling after talking with some recently.

I totally agree that it’s a perfect market for seller inspections. But there’s a difference between what “we” as inspectors see and what “sellers” see.

For higher end clients I think seller inspections are great. They don’t mind paying for the inspection, then they don’t mind paying for any needed repairs. That’s because they see it as an investment.

Then you have the average homeowner. Pay $300 for some guy to tell me what’s wrong with my house, “there ain’t a damn thing wrong with it” he’d say. “And possibly spend thousands of $$ out of my pocket to fix what that fruit says I need to fix, does money grow on trees, besides I’m sellin’ the darn place why should I fix it up now”.

Now that’s reality !!

My view is that sellers in this current buyers market are already concerned that they will have to accept less than they want for their home so I think if Moveincertified can be sold to them as either raising their anticipated selling price or making their property stand out amognst its peers and therfore selling sooner.
It can work for both them and HIs. It’s up to us to sell this concept. Good luck to all.:slight_smile:

I think there is a maturity cycle in play that we have to consider.


I think the maturity cycle is Investors are starting to come out of the woodwork again…:smiley: …here anyway…:|__)

Most of my investors from three years ago are at it full swing again buying these homes already in foreclosure, or will be any day now…:smiley:

I have not had so many calls for home inspections in a year the last few weeks…!!

1031, 1031-----…:smiley:

I delivered my last 50 presale inspection brochures in 15 minutes after my morning inspection.

Not a call from the last 150 …](*,)

Right on the money! I speculate the biggest turnoff is that we outright say that we will “find” problems with their properties and “let them know before its too late”. Most sellers seem to think they know all the conditions that matter about their homes and their listing agents usually over-inflate their ability to sell the house “As Is”. They are preconditioned to view us as nitpickers because our interest in full disclosure is a perceived threat to the sale. How satisfied do you think the selling client is going to be when my expertise “helped” him by finding “new” items such as …

  • His roof is flashed wrong
  • His electrical service panel has amatuer written all over it
  • The girder is rotted out in the pocket
  • The siding, kitchen floor tiles and boiler plumbing insulation appear to be ACM
  • The brick chimney servicing the fuel oil boiler lacks a flue liner
  • The wall between the garage and the kitchen lacks firewall clad
  • Knob and tube wiring in the attic
    The marketing will continue to fail if we cannot convince them that the inspection program will move the house better than without it and that the disclosed defects aren’t a threat or hinderence to the sale. We need to prove that they can sell their home favorably by having a specialized expert disclose all the property’s conditions at the beginning of the transaction, by executing a trustworthy protocol that produces a smooth sale and through the benefit of the inspector’s professional services equally benefiting both parties involved, without compromising integrity or service quality.

“Move In Certified” that claims that the home “does not need immediate repairs” sounds a little too good to be true when it is procured from those with an interest in selling the property. I can see such a lack of objectivity on my part tarnishing my credibility amongst buyers. I don’t see prospective buyers being lured to the house with such a promise, either. I don’t see this program working for me in its current state.

Concept, that is exactly what this is.

I think the cart is before the horse on this concept. I mean I can’t even get a login id or password yet.

Why would I try to introduce this program to sellers or sellers agents when I can’t even login yet?

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but if I introduce a new service or campaign I make dang sure it’s going to be able to be used in it’s entirety before I roll it out.

“Don’t worry Mr. Seller, we have big plans!”


A little cold water is ok but::

  1. Market is cold in my area and this can help get some of the GOOD homes sold
  2. Home sellers that have had their home on the market for a long time are open to new ideas
  3. Our report and sign do not have to be made public unless they make it so.
  4. Our report gives them some information that might help them sell
  5. Our report paints the seller as a good person not a used house sales person.
  6. Our report will keep the buyer on site longer checking things out so they will have a stronger image of the home

Since it has not been done to any great extent in the past WHO is to say that it is a bad idea?

I am doing a large pre sale inspection on a good home that has been on the market for over a year tomorrow. Seller wants a very professional report with everything disclosed

He has also filled out a real estate disclosure form at my request with and signed it. (His used home sales person one year ago told him not to do it and to sell it “as is”) He is selling the home at this time him self.

I have no problem walking around the used home sales people. Right now they are not sending me any business because they are not selling anything


I tell everybody asking for a price quote (buyers) if I don’t find something wrong with the roof (because I find something wrong with EVERY ROOF), not caring if the building is one day old or a hundred years old, the inspection is FREE.

Works great for buyers, but I still cannot give inspections away to sellers…:smiley:


I have made 200 more letters put in printed envelopes but also added a $25.00 Coupon to the letter package that I will put on 50 more homes for sale today, tomorrow. and Monday after my morning inspections.

Today being Saturday, many folks should be home, maybe I will be able to chat a bit more with the sellers, if they are not jacked-up on “Wild Turkey” crying the blues waiting for their foreclosure letters in the mailbox…:smiley:

The last 200 letters I stuck beside the front door weatherstripping…NO RESPONSE…:shock:

Question to Dale and any one else that are doing the weather strip campaign? Have you had any Realtors contact you concerning this? Maybe they feel that you are stepping on their toes or over stepping your boundaries ect? Just wondering, I have some VERY sensitive Realtors in my area :shock:

Hi mark,

I’m putting my information on the front doors of occupied homes for sale.

I have a data base of 63 realtors who recommend me if their client wants a recommendation for an inspector.

I contacted all 63 realtors, none of them want their listings preinspected…](*,)

They would rather gamble, either the buyer would waive the inspection, or they don’t think there is anything wrong to prevent a sale.


I went directly to occupied homes for sale, both FSBO and regular listed homes to see if this might work here…:twisted:

So far it hasn’t…:frowning:


Thanks for sharing your experience with your ‘weatherstrip’ campaign - I’m wondering if it would help to send thru snail-mail? You’ve mentioned many homes in the area are vacant, have you gone back thru any of the areas where the letters have been placed . . . are the letters still stuck in the weatherstripping?
I was planning on starting this campaign this coming week . . . but with you keeping us posted I’m going to put it on pause.
Again, thanks for sharing and keeping us posted.

(Oops, just read post #32 . . . had read earlier abt vacant homes in your area)


I just put them on Occupied Homes…homes I can tell by looking at them people live there.

Car in the driveway, trash can at the curb, flag up at the mail box, etc.

There are THOUSANDS of houses for sale here, I can put 50 envelopes on occupied home front doors for sale within a few blocks in a half an hour…:shock:

I have an inspection at noon (AZ Time), I’ll put another 50 on doors today…:twisted:

Someone is bound to call…you would think anyway…](*,)

Dale - thanks, re-editted my post and realized to late after hitting POST REPLY button - good luck . . . standing by waiting for future updates . . . good luck, have my fingers crossed it will work . . . seem to remember somewhere (maybe in RRs posts) the turn around is 7 - 14 days out from initial start, can’t remember . . . RR, where are you? I’m sure he’ll be along soon.
Thanks again!

Dear Home seller.doc (23.5 KB, 9 views)

Gift Certificate.doc (46.5 KB, 8 views)

Sellers Letter-Head.doc (37.0 KB, 4 views)

350 on front doors of occupied homes as of tonight.

Not a call (from these)…:twisted: …](*,)

Anybody have any better ideas than what Nick wrote, and I copied?..:profile:

Dale . . . if I remember right, the numbers are from RRs post (somewhere) . . . so, if you started on the 10th and the return is usually 7-14 days . . . you’re sitting at T-Minus 2 days and counting (or) T-Minus 9 days and counting . . . so, next week your phone should start ringing . . . wishing you well in this adventure!

All the marketing in the world to the wrong people is a waste

Got to hit the ones that are hurting

Good homes – Hi end – on the market for a long time –

Look at it from your point of view if you were the seller

Why would you spend $$ to move your home when you just signed marketing over to a “trust me used home sales person”

They will take care of you and the contract is for 9 months!!

Hit the good ones and not with information about the program – they do not care

Tell them that your services will help them sell there home – Tell them it is what they would want as if they were the buyer

Tell them that what you find might be the deal killer if you were inspecting for the buyer

By you inspecting for them the problems can be corrected before the buyer’s inspection takes place



Exactly Richard.

Do you have any suggestions how I would find this out?

I have been putting my information on doors of houses in the 300-500 thousand dollar range, I don’t know how long they have been on the market, but when there are 50 within a few blocks for sale, I hit the ones occupied, most have been on the market here for a long time.

Most people here sign listing agreements for three months, but the information about why they should have the house preinspected is in Nick’s letter I have been putting on the doors.

My letter does not mention anything about a program, I have been using what Nick wrote, nothing about move-in certified.

I think that information is in Nick’s letter.

I think that information is in Nick’s letter also.

Like Dale - I have been marketing the pre-listing inspections for about 6 weeks - sent out 495 letters to listings - got 200 back (in the mountains most people go to a PO Box) so that was 295 delivered -not a call - included a 15% off coupon - not a call! - Sent 350 letters to area agents touting the benefits - not a call - Even gave away 10 coupons for a FREE listing inspection to brokers to use or give away - not a call (free must not be good enough) - Won’t give up - there has to be someone who sees the benefit -
I realize not everyone likes me, but everyone can’t dislike me - they don’t know me yet :wink: