"Inspector Jack" poem

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This is my favorite of the handful I’ve written. My apologies to those who have already seen it, and everyone here named Jack or Bill.

?Inspector Jack?

An inspector named Jack came to town,
His name was soon heard all around,
His reports were as meek as a mouse,
He was always so fair to the house

Jack made lots of dough as he went,
From referrals the realtors had sent,
No words of alarm had been spoken,
Not one single deal had been broken

Then trouble showed up at Jack?s door,
In the form of fat lawsuits galore,
He?d duck and he?d hide all the day,
The things those ex-clients would say!

Next thing you know Jack was gone,
Leaving realtors to fend all alone,
But they didn?t have too long to frown,
An inspector named Bill came to town

Brian A. Goodman
Unofficial Poet Laureate of the Inspecting Universe