Inspector liability

So I got a call from a past customer. They have been living in the home for a few weeks and the garbage disposal broke and there is a leak under the sink. Now I checked all of these during the inspection plus the home was occupied at the time of the inspection. Is there a protocol to follow like helping with some of the repairs as i do not want a bad name. What would you guys do.

Give them directions to the Home Depot…

When you get a flat tire, do you swing by and get a new one for free?

Are you running an insurance company or a Home Inspection Company?

Go back and read the Home Inspection Standards and make up your mind how you want to run (or fail in) your company.

Thank you for your reply.

I would hope that if it was an older unit you would have listed that in the report. If it was new maybe it just took a dump. My last one only made for six years.

That being said, I agree with David

Agree with David. They have lived in the home for a few weeks already, so they have obviously confirmed you did your job and checked that the disposal worked properly… then it broke. Last time I’ve checked, there is no expiration date, no “fuel” gauge, or “on-it’s-last-leg” warning light to indicate it will be failing soon. Along with the direction to HD, remind them to check out the sump pumps also, as that will probably be next to fail (don’t forget the back-up system).

How much is a garbage disposal? $100? Buy them a new one, or have them buy it and you swing by and put it in for them (takes like 20 min). Then have them sign a thank you note, email it to the agent and the agent’s broker, have them leave you a review online, and then write a blog about it. Best advertising ever for a very low price, plus you get to be a nice person. Just my opinion though - its not all about liability.

I had a client call and complain because their condensate pump drained to the basement floor - I told them this was wrong in the report. Needless to say he never read the report and called me when there was a puddle of water in the basement. I went, helped him clean up, left him a $20 cheap wet vac I keep in my truck, and then showed him where it was in his report. I advertised that experience like I stated above and gained an agent from it (his agent) that has sent me dozens of inspections since then - $20, 15 minutes of time, best advertising ever - and I got to be a nice person doing it.

I agree with Dave and Jeff above.

The inspection is a snapshot in time. If you checked these items at the inspection, then sorry to your clients but you did your job.


Like the experienced inspectors already stated, do you wanta be a home inspector or an insurance company. Sh it happens.

Wish them luck and move on.