Inspector Library

At 68 I’m starting to downsize and think of selling many things. For example …

I have about 4 bookcases (3-4 shelf cases filled with books on inspection, concrete, roofing, pools, electrical, HVAC, etc).

I have 5 cardboard boxes (the type a ream of paper comes in … 18" long x 12" wide x 12" tall). that each have 5 Kodak boxes of slides (80 slides to a box) of unusual and common inspection defects … slide carousel of plumbing defects, HVAC defects, roofing defects, etc, etc.

We use these in training classes, expert witness … In all probably 1,500 to 2,000 defects.

Still inventorying tools, etc.

Will show a few pics of library for a start.

I anyone is interested in this sort of thing, call or email for a full inventory.

The 2,000 - 2,500 slides in kodak carousels are sold.

I know it’s a long shot but do you have a copy of the Texas Bureau of Lathing and Plastering “Lath and Plaster Systems Manual”?

Of course … Who doesn’t

Me, apparently. Do you wish to part with it? Name a price.

Chuck …

We’re out of town already heading to Dallas, Galveston & Houston for 10 days.

It would be in my storage / moved and have not unpacked many boxes yet.

Hit me after Dec 2nd and I can get it for you.

Great - thanks

Have a great trip