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Hey, dumb question here.
A customer called this week and in the process of booking the inspection, she said she had checked me out on Internachi and my profile showed that I do septic inspections. I do not. Whole different creature here in VA.
When I searched for myself on the Find and Inspector, I see all kinds of badges there. Now, I know they are just there and any additional services are listed.
Is there a way to take those off, or at least state they are not all services offered?

To contact InterNACHI by email, write to

No need to bother them with this!
Those items are self-applied in his profile. He decides what services he performs that he wants showing.
I believe he needs to go into his Members Only area of the site… (top right corner of this page).

Jeff, I never added those to my profile. Couldn’t find a way to edit them out either.

Sent it them as well.

Click the button at the top right of this page for MEMBERS ONLY section…

(If the NEW format page they are testing is showing)… Click the button at the top right to go to the OLD DASHBOARD page (much easier to find stuff).

On the OLD format page… at the top right… click the button to change ANCILLARY SERVICES OFFERED.

While you are in the Members Only section… take a few minutes and check your other information/stuff.

The only items checked are what should be.

My question is regarding the badges that are at the bottom of the page when you search for an inspector.

InterNACHI: Int’l Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Hi Greg,
If you look at your listing at InterNACHI: Int’l Association of Certified Home Inspectors, you will see the logos/certifications you have earned by completing various InterNACHI courses. You can view these certifications and their requirements at More Than 45 Inspector Certifications (free & online for members) - InterNACHI. Let me know if you have any further questions!