Inspector Markeing seminar in Toronto nearly sold out. Register now.

The Toronto event is nearly sold out. Register now if you want the last few seats available.

Remember, you can use the $99 voucher multiple times with the sponsors and get double, triple, quadruple, etc. your money back.

I can’t believe you are not sold out in Toronto!
There is going to be allot of Inspectors crying next week.:smiley:

Well done, Nick. Even a guy like me who doesn’t always agree with you will acknowledge you are the marketing guru in this industry. Anyone signing up has invested very wisely.

Wish I could make it.

Bill Mullen

Hi Nick,
I’m really sorry that I can’t make to your seminar! I’ve just had a heart attack and am grounded for several weeks yet. I hope you’ll be able to give an update on the Ontario licensing issue via the forum.

Good luck on the seminar and I hope everyone attending has a great time.

Best Wishes

Graham King
Regal Residential Inspections.

Sorry to here this Graham! Yes we will try to keep all updated about the issue in Ontario.
CAUTION is key and we have vowed to help at

Yes, keep us posted on the Ontario issues. I can’t make the Tour, because I’m taking a College course in London this week.