Inspector marketing can be divided into two types.

Marketing you do to get consumers to FIND you (your website or brochure, etc.).

Marketing you do to get consumers to CHOOSE you (over your competitors) once they find you.

Number of brochures you print is the first type.
Quality of the brochures you print is the second type.

It is sometimes interesting to look at inspector marketing from these two sides.

Where is the lesson on how to get past clients to RECOMMEND you.:smiley:

Simple. But you have to tell me…

Do you want them to recommend you to YOUR potential customers who are thinking about using you?


Do you want them to recommend you to THEIR friends and family, so that they become your clients?

In most schools of thought, your definitions mark the difference between “marketing” and “advertising”.

“Marketing” helps you to narrow down your actual target and tells you how and what to advertise to them so that, from your advertising, they choose you when it is time to buy.

For example…advertising without marketing could allow you to purchase a printed ad in a Yearbook in order to sell your skateboards to students of the Denver School for the Blind. The teachers who read the ads are unlikely to use skateboards…and the students can’t read it.

Effectively advertising to your market lets them know why they should buy from you and how to do it.

Marketing without advertising would be to attend a two-day convention of committed home buyers, collecting the names of all in attendance…and finding a seat in the back and quietly drink coffee until it ended, and go home.

As you point out…it is the balance between the two activities that provides the meaningful result.