Inspector needed for new TV show.

Mr. Gromicko,
Lisa Endza suggested I contact you. I work for Leopard Films USA we produce programming for HGTV (Cash in the Attic, Hidden Potential) and are working on a new proposal that would revolve around home inspectors and the home inspection process.

The general premise of the show would follow the process of a home inspection. The two parties (buyer/sellers) are both keen to do the deal, they’ve agreed on the price now everything rests on the home inspection. We follow the inspection and then have the inspector deliver the results to the two families (in a dramatic TV fashion) obviously what he has to say can affect the final outcome of the sale and that’s where the drama comes from.

We are looking for a young charismatic home inspector, who has the experience and knowledge to perform home inspections and looks good on TV!

I’m hoping your organization can put us in touch with some candidates.

Julian Locke

I’m Game!!

How about an “old” charismatic inspector who looks good on TV?
I’m 55 years young, and the wife is addicted to HGTV.
Nah, I’d probably have to tell the truth about what I’m inspecting,
and blow the deal…:roll:

If they want “dramatic TV”… let me tell them the results…

You need an Engineer for the foundation repairs…
You need a Roofer for the gaps in the flashings…
You need an Electrician for the Federal Pacific breakers…
You need an Plumber for the corroded old pipes…
Your site has poor drainage and during heavy rains
your living room will fill up with water.

Other than that, this is really a nice house.
Then I will turn toward the TV camera and give
them my youthful smile…:twisted:

Get Monty Hall to play the inspector…and call the show “Let’s Break a Deal”!!!

“Before you choose to buy this house, let me show you what’s behind door number one. What do we have for this lovely couple, Jay?”

Door opens to the basement…“Well, Monty…how does asbestos sound?”

“I don’t know, Jay? I never heard it speak.” Audience laughs as camera pans to Monty, smiling slyly and winking at the camera…

Good one…:smiley:

Im available

Cant be me…

I did 3 shoots for CNN that were broadcast, and I think I broke the camera lens at least twice during the taping.

If they’re looking for a competent, grumpy inspector who doesnt smile much, talks too loud, is balding, and looks like he’s always ready to brawl… them I’m definitely the guy!:smiley:

You can call the show “America’s Scariest Home Inspections” with your host, Joe.

In today’s episode, watch Joe shred this house, while eating a chocolate chip cookie! See the fear in the Seller Agent’s eyes as Joe mentions the dreaded “M”-word in the basement! Cringe, as he informs the client that those cute white bugs in the garden mulch aren’t chinch bugs, they’re termites! Watch from the edge of your seat as you wonder if Joe will make it out of the crawlspace alive and unscathed!

Man, I could have FUN with this. We can call it “the art of trauma and drama home inspections”

Sounds like good exposure for the inspector AND NACHI. Imagine putting “Featured Home Inspector on HGTV” on your web site, marketing to realtors and the public,… and on your vehicle! WOW!

I’ll try it, sounds like fun, maybe I’ll even meet Steve Ramos in person.:smiley:

Count me in. I’d love to do it.

How about Wendy, she wrote a book and has done over 20 inspections!!

I think they should use a Canadian Inspector as they are much better looking:p

What I want to know is where these people get off discriminating based on age. I believe the civil rights act of 1964 banned that. Every employer knows they can’t ask that question.:roll: :smiley:

I would highly recommend they think seriously about Raymond Wand he is articulate intelegant very well spoken and also has spent a large amount of time on both sides of the camera.
He is also a very good home inspector who has been doing it for longer then about 95% of all other home inspectors .
He is also very photogenic
Roy Cooke

Can they actually say you have to be young and good looking. Sounds like discrimination to me.

How about someone with experience and a full head of grey hair that smiles.

It’s called casting they can do what ever they want to.:smiley:

I’ll say…:wink:


Not nice to put my Picture in place for Ray he is not that good looking.
Roy Cooke

James, that was priceless