Inspector needed for new TV show.

James, that was priceless

Where is the taping based? I’m game!

Im game

A 6 Ft 7 In 265 lb inspector from florida


I would like to “nominate” if I may, Russell Ray, Spring Valley, CA. I have never met him but his dialog during MB conversations is always ‘casual’ and easy to follow - not ‘over-technical,’ condesending, or self-serving. I hope he doesn’t mind my intrusion in his life - i’ll let you invite him if you agree.

I would be more than happy to represent NACHI’s best.

What…Me not “PRETTY” enough for ya Roy…lol

A psychic said I’d be doing this.
Might as well fulfill my destiny, and get it over with!


Well, I’ll do it. But they’ll have to get me a personal trainer. :wink:

I’ll do it and I’m younger than Moses, **BUT **if they want to have me pose in my thong, its no-go. I’m sick and tired of being lusted after for my body, I want them to respect me for my mind.

Seriously guys, ASHI has had a bunch of these and we need to get onboard and show good - I’ve been in this 28 years and I’ve seen one of the instructors that trained me on the HGTV shows twice in the past 3 years (baby that ain’t young).

Lets think out of the box for a moment

We need 12 professional good looking inspectors doing inspector jobs for a NACHI calender — Roof - Structural - HVAC etc

About 100 calenders per member that needs them for people that refer clients

That might be a 10,000 unit order which Nick should be able to get a good deal on

Also day planners or anything with pictures and information that people will not throw away and must be replaced now and then

Must have a place for the members name and or business card

Don’t know the cost – just an idea – who whats to be the inspector for June?? I want July

We have time to get this project done before the first of the year

If there is any interest after we shove it around for some feedback I will forward it to Nick - unless someone leaks the idea to him before

We push it around for a day or so

With a few phone calls for an order of 10,000 units he should have some good action

Yes Mr. Bell I am still drunk and I am learning how to spell – who is the new Pres of NACHI Space Coast and or Central Florida the clubs that you fathered?? No problem here and I do congratulate you on a very hard decision to pass the helm on to a new person. Your decision to step down gives another person the opportunity to lead and develop as you have. My best wishes to you and your successor


Feedback please

Maybe I should post this in a new thread so we can get some more feedback


Makes me think of the 2006 Krispy Kreme Calendar (girls.) I tried to attach but could not figure out how to do it.
I am thinking that the computer has almost put the hard calendar out of business. Maybe a beer bottle opener on a key chain & no picture.


You might be right. Lets see


I have not figured out how to attach an item. I’ll give it a try here. I may be attached.:smiley:

I give up. There is no “Help” button on this page - and I am an idiot (apparently.) So, if you would like to instruct I would appreciate.

If you click on Go Advanced, then it gives you a “manage attachments” feature. Hope this helps. :wink:


This might conflict with youre show.I would wait until NACHI studios are ready,and you can do this.You are building a studio? Keep us updated.
You might even sell the show!!Something to think about.

Isn’t Nick’s show local to the Colorado area? Or am I mistaken?


If it’s a good show,and I think it will be,no reason it can’t go national!!!

Nope no reason, but I just thought it sounded like you were putting it in competition with the other show, and I think they are two different types of shows. I think that Nick’s show is directed towards Home Inspectors and Realtors but I don’t know that for sure. I could be totally off on this.

I think Nick definitely could do a national show. No reason why not. :slight_smile: