Inspector needed in El Paso, Texas.

Inspection Type: Roof Inspection

Scope of Inspection

Review completed roof replacement, for compliance with roof manufacturer and code requirements, ensuring proper installation. The inspector may be required to review the Xactimate estimate to confirm completion of agreed work. The inspector will be required to conduct a cursory inspection of the interior areas to document any past leakage stains and to discuss with the policyholder the roof covering issues they are experiencing. A photographic record of all findings, including but not limited to, elevation photographs of each side, general roof covering photographs, roof penetrations, sidewall details, ventilation, flashings, interior water stains/leakage, general attic view, attic conditions, etc. are required. All photos must be clearly captioned with direction arrows where necessary to clearly identify your findings. A summary of findings and defects if relevant is also required. A second inspection may be needed upon correction of any issues or non-complaint construction.

Past inspections and documentation will be provided prior to the inspection.

Fees and Time

The inspection fee for this inspection is $150. The inspection fee will be paid within 2 weeks of completion and acceptance of the inspection report.

Additional Inspection on Completion

There may also be an additional of inspection needed, within 10-15 business days if any corrective measures are identified on the initial inspection.

Inspection Schedule Date

We need an inspector to get this scheduled this week. If you are interested in conducting this inspection, please email as soon as possible. Please give a brief description of your work and inspection experience. Thank you.

Michael Rowan
PH: 888.589.2112 l FAX: 888.331.0176

Was this a joke if not I am glad I don’t live in Tx. I just completed a roof only inspection on Sat. A small 10K flat roof. Fourteen cents a square foot:shock:

Yep, the name Michael Rowan and Inspection Depot says it all right there. Good luck.