Inspector needed in New Jersey.

Carol Peterson <>
8:03 AM (4 hours ago)

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To Whom it may Concern,

We purchased a home 6/30 and a new septic was required for the old homeowner to install. They installed a Fujiclean unit. According to the information from the company, it needs to be inspected every 6 months for the first 3 years. The home came with a 3 year contract. We contacted him 5 months into the contract and now for the last 2 months and he has no records of being on our property but told us if we can flush a toilet, everything is fine. We are looking to find an inspector who will perform a test on the Fujiclean and not only is there no one in New Jersey but the closest one is about 5 hours away north. We have contacted the engineer, town, manufacturer and installer. The manufacturer says the inspector has records but chooses not to release them.

I do not want my system to become damaged from his negligence since it needs to have adjustments made and to have air cycles run.

Thank you in advance for any guidance you can provide.


Carol Peterson