Inspector needed in St Pete FL area

I have a relative buying a house in the st Pete area. Can anyone recommend a quality inspector in that area. Thanks

I hear that there are thousands of excellent inspectors in that area…all waiting for their first inspection.

Tell your relative to be very, very careful not to select any inspector who is (1) a contractor, and (b) who has not been in business for several years prior to the exponential explosion of new and licensed “professionals”.

Doesn’t Joe Burkeson serve this area? if so he is a great candidate and you can read his accolades on an inspection he did for a members relative, like last week or something…if he serves this area.

Joseph Burkeson, CMI :smiley:
Square-One Inspection Service, LLC
» Joseph Burkeson, CMI is only about 21.69 miles away from st. petersburg, FL.
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E-Mail: Send Joseph Burkeson an E-Mail

Call Joe, he is a good guy!

If Joe is to busy you can give me a call…Joe is the man though

Somehow I missed this thread, give to Tom, he is a good LOCAL inspector. :smiley:

Ok thanks for the replys, i will give both Joe and Toms info and let her choose. On a side note man you gotta love the weather down there, just got back from fort Lauderdale where it was 80 to ny where its a balmy 30…might just have to make the move

Kevin this is our time of year.

Thanx Joe…

Thanx Kevin,

Where you from?

Im from the Buffalo, NY area Thomas but ive worked all up and down the gulf coast and love the weather most of the year

Don’t make the move yet unless you are prepared to spend everything you worked for. The economy here hasn’t changed in over 30 yrs. The contractors here charge upnorth prices but pay southern wages.

The weather is great…the water is warm…and the women are beautiful… other than that you are stuck with a very conservative system that favors the haves over the have nots.

Now if you are retiring that is a different story. Fixed incomes seem to do well here. No state income tax…no taxes on food…etc… but on the other hand you still are paying $7.00 for a lb of ham… $5000.00 for a 20 sq roof…and auto ins. home ins. health ins that is more than the worst neighborhoods upnorth.

As the boysouts say “be prepared”

I hear ya thats whats kept me from moving down sooner, as i also rehab and sell homes the market seems like a good buying time but i worry about in a few yrs when the prices go back up that itll be hard to afford, unlike here where housing prices were hardly affected and remained almost the same

I thought about rehabbing too. The price of housing is outrageously low. Unfortunately the powers that be aren’t lending out the money. The buyers that i am running into that have the funding are looking for perfect houses at depressed prices. Once those run out then there might be a market for rehabs but the housing that is left are total gut jobs.

latest poll from Realtors show that the buyers out there are looking for perfect housing.
Most houses here are in the 50.000.00 range but are in need of everything. Spend 100.000.00 for complete renovation including solar appliances and you might get the buyers. Not much room for profit. You would still need to market to out of towner’s because Floridians can’t afford a 150.000 mortgage. It’s a shame but true.

Now keep your job and find a duplex or triplex to buy. since your parents are moving down they can help manage it. that way when you do decide to make the move you will have something in your pocket. Latests poll says the rental market will continue to climb.