Inspector Needed Los Angeles So So cali

PT (3 to 5 a week +) Looking for someone with experience, tools etc…

  • I’ll cover insurance
  • We may supply IR camera
  • split: 70 U /30 us
  • Must possess general contractors license

Please no calls, just Email me:

Why a contractors license?

Interesting Marc, I went to your website and it came up on the “banned list”. Got something going on with your website?

That’s just how we do it. No offense to non contractors.
Not sure what you are referring to, Didn’t know there was a banned list.

When I attempted to visit your site, my Anti-Virus / Spyware software kicked it back as a banned site.


Thank you Gentlemen,
I just sent that to the web developer.

No problemo.

From my experience, with home inspector websites, the problem tends to be a link somewhere in your site, and often a web-badge on your home page. I used to see this often with a certain “Veteran Owned” web badge on many sites, but haven’t gone to very many lately to see if it’s still an issue.

Site loading okay now!