Inspector Needed Sprinfgield MO

Hey guys I am looking for a very seasoned inspector who is IAQ certified and very familiar with MOLD, this case could lead to litigation, because of the previous inspectors lack of inspection procedures and etc. The gentlemen is a friend of a friend and I have spoken with him in length about the issues, so when you respond I will call you back and we can discuss the underlying issues. Please leave your numbers so we can talk, feel free to call me as well.
This job is in Springfield MO

Thanks again guys.

Call James Braun in Jeff City. He will do Springfield.

Thanks I will

Sounded like he did not want to pay my trip charge so I referred to my Industrial Hygienist in Springfield. If he does not want to pay extra for a trip charge just wait until he has to pay to remediate the mold. I explained to him that it might be a week before my I.H will even respond. If he does not get a response just let me know. Just make sure he does not use an Industrial Hygienist firm called Lee Safety. This guy, like most I.H.s, knows very little about mold. Every time I hear his name I just know he screwed another job up.

Intresting, I will check into this, and keep you updated.

Thanks again