Inspector needed to host TV show.

         *Want to share your expertise with the widest possible audience?  BBC Productions in New York City is looking for accomplished home inspectors to participate in a new and exciting television series that will give viewers a window into the inner-workings of this essential profession.  Candidates must be excellent communicators, comfortable in front of a camera, and willing to travel.  A sense of humor, good looks, and a strong personality are also encouraged.  The program is expected to film throughout the continental United States.  If interested, please send a photo and brief description of yourself, including contact information to: *

Anne Carkeet

Wish I was accomplished…bummer :wink:

:):slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I do know Raymond Wand could do the job well he has been on both sides of the Camera .
He is very photogenic and a good speaker .
Also one of the longest serving inspectors in Canada and lots of knowledge.
Roy Cooke sr

Roy, flatery will get you everywhere! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

NACHI is subsidizing this project so please contact Anne (above) for an audition. Ray… do it.

Good looking? Has my name written all over it… What about brilliant…and modest, too?:smiley:

Is this Idol NACHI ? :cool: