Inspector needs HELP!

Help is desperately needed for a fellow inspector and his family.

I need help setting up donations for this family but don’t have a clue about PayPal or and other avenues.
This is an excerpt from his brother’s post on another BBalso a local inspector.

**Marty Hurst (47) who is also a Home Inspector is in serious condition at a hospital here in Dallas.

He has contracted what is known as MRSA.
MRSA infection -

He has been in ICU for over 24 days now, and is turning for the worse. **

**Feeding tube inserted today 04/02/08 and fluids are building on his lungs.

Seem this MRSA has gotten into his liver and kidneys and they are losing the battle on fighting this infection. A doctor told his dad that he could last possibly a couple of more weeks with this. Not for sure.

I’ve been doing my research on this and realize that this infection can be picked up quite easily especially through a cut or scrape. As inspectors we are constantly coming in contact with things in people’s home and probably don’t think about the things out there like this.

His family request any prayers. He has (2) teenage daughters.

I’ll keep you informed.**

[FONT=Verdana]His mailing address is:
Marty Hurst
2444 Edwards Church Rd
Mesquite, TX 75181-2504

Prayers sent. Prayer request sent to my congregation.

Prayers, also, to his family. I can understand teenage daughters.

Consider it done. God bless him.

Thank you, Will, Larry, and Brian

Let us know an email address that those of us with papal accounts can transfer a donation to Barry.


His family is in the process of tending to other affairs and making other arrangements.

I am not privy to his financial info and have already been accused, in a call today, of attempting to defraud associations or their members with this tragic ordeal. I thought NACHI, ASHI, TAREI, NAHI, and all other associations could set something up to be forwarded directly to his home address.

TAREI and Champion Schools have confirmed this is being done as I type.

Individuals that want to please just send a card or check to his address provided. It takes very little more effort and all proceeds go to them without incurring fees.


A paypal site has been set up for Marty.

People can go to and donate to

Rick just called me with an update

Marty Hurst passed away this morning 04-04-08

Any help would be appreciated as this family has lost their human provider and is now faced with funeral expenses as well as insurmountable hospital bills.

Sorry to hear that Barry.