inspector only ???? where??

Exactly and you I and others can continue to help all .
We can help to improve our industry and try to ignore the many who do not give much help.

I get many letters and phone calls and expect others do too.

What do you think is the key ingredient that caused your business to grow?
Marketing ? What did you do ?

Roy L.

Wow… Combination of several things as not any one thing works alone.

  1. Spent 6 months getting training, studying , reading the MB and taking many notes.
  2. Interviewed 5 real estate brokers over lunch with 10 questions to identify their perspective of what they see as a good inspector and what they see the weaknesses are in the inspectors/companies as part of the buying process.
  3. Interviewed 5 top inspectors with the same questions flipped for there perspectives.
  4. Data revealed 5 issues that were clearly seen on both sides.
  5. Performed over 20 free inspections for family and friends.
  6. Worked on reports, commentary my “elevator speech” as we’ll as intake forms and laying out my process from start to finish on how I will handle my business.
  7. Put web site together to do what I wanted it to do…
  8. Created my 20 point goals, in a timeline with deadlines on how I would start, establish and then grow my business based on all results from above.
  9. Implemented my marketing plan, to much detail for here but would be happy to share vid email.
  10. Listen to everyone , make notes and filter it by choosing advice and ideas only that feed my goals and marketing /business plan. I’ve already decided how I’m moving my business forward so I only do what will feed my plan.
  11. Get up every day , thank The Lord that in spite of my messed up self, HE continue to allow me to serve the people that will cross my path today and then I work my plan everywhere I go.
    The results are up to HIM…

You are a very smart man.

Roy L.

My biggest secret so far…
“Be present where you are”.

Too easy ?

Great post.

You forgot one George.

  1. Buy a real truck. :wink:

This MB will never change because this is the way Nick wants it. All the bickering back & forth is what keeps this board, for lack of a better word, interesting.

This MB didn’t recently receive it’s millionth post because it’s boring or dull.

Unfortunately, we all have to weave through the bad for the good, some you’ll agree with as good & some you won’t, every one’s different & has different opinions on a variety of subjects, it’s been this way for the last 10 years & I’m sure it’ll be that way for the next 10.

So sit back, enjoy, and be sure to rock the boat every chance you get. :smiley:

Ok Kevin… Maybe when I retire my old raggedy, Walmart ford F150 super cab v-8 black beauty I’ll get me one of those “real” Chevy trucks… Lol

By the way I have a silverado but I keep it in the barn… Just saying…:slight_smile: