Inspector or Engineer near Golden, CO with a strong background in structural issues?

I wondered if someone reading this board might be this person or recommend someone?

I’m not looking for stamped engineering documents, just an opinion/plan on how to proceed with what I believe to be a rather tricky set of structural problems derived from a combination of structural rot (mostly sill plate and header/rim joists), improper engineering of the original structure (modular home with steel girders), and several layers of additions from previous owners. Since there are several issues, I’d like an opinion for the order in which to attack the problems and material selections based on local vendors. For example, familiarity with the steel columns and other products at Rio Grande supply and LVL’s or other beam products. The structure is a single story ~1500 ft^2 that is a combination of steel (I-Beam, etc.) and wood framing with an accessible crawl space underneath using concrete blocks and a block wall on parts of the perimeter.

I recently purchased a small flir camera and a borehole camera and was able to see some of the loading problems in the structure with this setup. Also, with levels and a Bosch laser distance measure tool identified that there is a slight wave developing in the floor. I have an engineering background, but no background with home inspection, framing, building materials, etc…

I’d like a plan of attack before approaching contractors or attempting to do myself. I’d expect that you’d own a lot of the same equipment and be able to identify/quantify the deformation in the structure, perhaps even hack together a quick finite element analysis.

Please let me know if you’re interested. Thanks!

Ian Colorado (really?) Sounds like you need some help. You might want to call on this guy. I have used him in the past and trust him.

Mike Schmidt
Colorado Structural Services.

Thanks Greg!