Inspector Outlet and HomeGauge?

Hello all. I was wondering if anyone has purchased the HomeGauge software through Inspector Outlet. I did yesterday and I still haven’t recieved a link to download the software. Talked to HomeGauge directly and they stated that I have to contact Inspector Outlet for my product key and download. E-mailed Inspector Outlet with no response. Anyone know how long it takes to get the key? I don’t see why it can’t be instant with purchase since it’s not a physical product that needs to be shipped. Makes me uneasy with a $700 purchase and not recieving a product… Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Justin Chavez

Sent! As per the notification we have on our homepage at, we are at the Inspection Conference in Orlando FL right now. My apologies for the delay.

Thank you Nikolai. I did see the disclaimer, I figured it would be an auto generated e-mail after purchase, that was the only reason for the question. Thanks for taking the time to complete the transaction while you’re at the conference! Much appreciated, will be doing business with you again! Have a good time in Orlando!

Justin Chavez

No problem! I wish we could make it automated, but as of right now we are unable to. HomeGauge has us use a special vendor portal which allows your info to be transmitted to them in case of customer service issues or future software updates. For now I have to manually enter the order in to send you a license key, but I’m usually pretty quick with them. This week is the exception. Thank you!