Inspector Outlet Tuesday Night Auction (June 27, 2017): Huge CMI Total Package.

Bidding starts now on this enormous home inspection business-boosting CMI package:



Some fun and 10.11

Bid $250

Four Dollars



When does bidding end?

Read the title.

300.01 and a cup o joe… black.


$300.03 and 1 trip to the Snook Inn salad bar(Marco Island)

Well we will keep it going…
301.01 & a cup of coffee at the Carolina beach in oak island, you get there and ill buy the coffee.


$303.01 and a trip to Snook Inn, we ate there a couple weeks ago. :lol:

$305.00 US dollars!


$370.02 and 3 eggs over fried taters cubed Canadian bacon and smoked bacon crumbles, topped with 3 year aged sharp cheddar. :wink:

How in the world do you expect others to compete with that?