Inspector Outlet

I don’t post much, but wanted to post a quick experience with Inspector Outlet!!..

So for months now I have been contemplating purchasing Kenton’s narratives. I finally decided last week to spend the money and purchase the English/Spanish narratives. I have to say that was money well spent!! Great job Kenton!! But that’s not the reason for the post…

I purchased the narratives and that same week I saw there was an upgrade to the narratives. I was so satisfied with the initial narratives that I did not mind spending a bit more cash for the upgrade. Once I purchased them, I noticed there was a note in RED that stated something to the effect of “the narratives will be emailed within 2 business days.” So I waited and waited and continued waiting and I hadn’t received anything. Well today I received an email from Nikolai Gromicko (Nick’s son) stating that I had already purchased the narratives wit the upgrade included and there was no reason for me to purchase the extra upgrade. He stated they would completely refund my money and put it back on my credit card.

With that said, I have to say that I was completely impressed with the integrity and rightful actions Inspector Outlet took in resolving my silly mistake. It goes to show how much attention to detail Inspector Outlet takes to make sure their customers are satisfied. Thank you Nikolai Gromicko for catching my mistake. Yet another reason why I am a proud member of this great association and a very happy and satisfied customer of Inspector Outlet!!!

That’s the nicest post I’ve read on this message board. Thank you. BTW: My son is an Eagle Scout.


Excellent service goes a long way.