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What’s going on with Inspector Outlet? I placed an order back in April, got a confirmation that it was shipped on April 29th, but I have never received the order. They won’t respond to my emails asking them to help me track the shipment. There was no UPS tracking number given on the confirmation.

Not knowing what you ordered, but… you sure you didn’t order a PDF, in which case a link was sent in an email?

I made an order early April as well. I haven’t received anything but confirmation that my order was received now that i look at it. I figured it got caught up in customs coming up north. 6 weeks and not even shipped? somethings wrong.

That’s absolutely impossible. Copy and paste all your emails here on this thread.

Hi Arthur,

I’m going to try and contact UPS to see what could have possibly occurred with your shipment. We’re overnighting a package to you now, as well as refunding your shipping charges. I’m not sure what e-mail address you have for us, but I can assure you that Inspector Outlet is on top of it when it comes to customer service. We take it very seriously. I understand your frustration, and apologize. Shipping companies such as UPS and FedEx can be unreliable from time to time. We will get this figured out and have your products re-shipped to you right now. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your future Inspector Outlet orders please e-mail or call me direct. My contact information is listed below. Thanks and have a great day.

Chloe Katz
(720) 454-7774

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Your package is also being rush shipped today. Shipping charges will be refunded to your card as well as I explained to you during our phone conversation this morning.

Chloe Katz

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Hi Arthur. I emailed you yesterday after you first contacted me, it appears that we had the wrong address listed on your order with UPS and it is being delivered back to us. I’m not sure how this happened, but I sincerely apologize. I’m guessing you didn’t receive my email, please make sure you add to your address book in your email program. We are re-sending your order today via air mail to make sure you get it quickly.

Dallas, I’d emailed you back after you placed your order letting you know that we were out of stock on one of the code reference books in your order and that they would be in stock soon as our expected shipment of them was supposed to be in back in the end of April. I’m guessing you also didn’t receive my email as I never heard back and now I see your message above here. Unfortunately the books never got to us until a day ago. Your order is shipping out right away as well.

As I mentioned to Arthur, please make sure you add to your email’s address book. We have had our emails get caught in spam filters before and I’m going to assume that’s what happening here.

As of right now, to make sure you never have problems with email like this again, my phone number is now on the site’s contact us page. I work a few different jobs and won’t always be able to answer, but if you can’t get ahold of me I’ll call you back on issues like this, I promise.

Thanks Chloe! I appreciate the prompt reply, and I will be sure to add the email addresses to my email.

I spoke to Cloe today and they are making things right . Apparently they did email me on Wednesday, but it went to spam. they are making things right like a first class operation. I have been purchasing from them for several years and this is the first time I have had a problem. Thank Nick, Cloe

Glad to hear. As a suggestion for future. And this applies to anyone. Try giving them a call. I’m sure things could have been straightened out long ago. Again, glad your got it handled.


I have yet to see a legitimate complaint about Inspector Outlet. I ordered rack cards for a home show, had them designed, printed and shipped to Canada to meet my 7 day deadline. I dropped the ball and should of ordered them sooner, but didn’t.

It ain’t Inspector Outlets fault. I’d bet!
I get my orders as expected ! ON TIME… every time.
That’s one of the reasons I order from them.

I ordered 11 inspection books from Inspectors Outlet, for $123.40, and I only received 3 books. What’s up? Signed, disappointed customer. Only 3 books for $123.40.