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Is there any reason that we as Home Inspectors need to worry about our site going down anymore. I got an e-mail and have seen reports from Dominic that the site is no longer owned by InterNachi. If this is the case I will be closing my account.

NACHI sold it … and Mountain.

Thanks James!

Were users of these Nachi owned/partnered programs ever notified that ownership was being sold?


Shame on Nachi!!!

NACHI is what it is … and, unfortunately, is no longer what it was.

Crooked vendors with access to tens of thousands of home inspectors and “wannabe” home inspectors are running amok with free reign to do as they wish.

Caveat emptor.

I have Kate transferring my info now.

Will be doing likewise if that is the case.

I could have sworn I saw Nick mention this in a post somewhere.

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Who would give a crap if it makes you money with no strings attached ?

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Inspector Pages was built in 2004 when 95% of our members didn’t have a website and websites were difficult to build and expensive. I think we were pretty forthright in explaining that it was a free, slam-bam, uneditable site that was intended to temporarily get members something quick and dirty until they could get around to creating or purchasing a real site. We always stressed to members to control their own domain name so that they could point it elsewhere eventually. Since then, Dominic at HIP and Russell at HG have really stepped it up and are creating full-blown, editable professional looking websites for members. Also, members are making gorgeous websites themselves and were frustrated with the few options the IP platform offered them. InterNACHI has some contractual obligations to our strategic partners to fulfill but we are essentially out or nearly out. The industry has changed in the past 10 years and the decade-old IP platform isn’t robust enough to support the features members are going to need/want with what InterNACHI is currently developing for the industry. Example:


Crooks hate me. I love it.