Inspector Starter Kit

I remembered a few months ago I read about someone asking if there are or if someone could put together a starter kit, so I did alittle research and found this in the product menu of a home inspection school. So if you havent found on and noone’s made one here a little something…

They have other things too, gas detectors, ladders, but one question what is a AWL and a Ultra Stinger?

Hold off on the Ultra Stinger… I have a killer InterNACHI exclusive coming.

But what is it Nick?

Adam you can do better than that kit!
I will send you an email.

The Awl is a pointy sharp tool to poke and prode (intrusive device) used for WDO’s

Ultra stinger is a flashlight

Yea i just found the flashlight… and thats what i thought it couldnt been (the awl) but i didnt know in this business and thought it stood for something else.

Yeah it is a good way to check for rotted wood.
Use it on my head.

As rednecks say (Y) AWl have a good time drinking that there beer:) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

yes Adam, I agree with Troy you can do better than that kit. Shopping around you could probably get all that for less, just a matter of convenience I guess. I’ll try to get something together for you also, have to get out of here til tonight.

That would b great guys, just trying to put together all the little stuff I’m gonna need, between the tools and trying to study as much as possible right now, i’m a bit stressed, so any help is very valuable to me…

Darn it Nick! I just purchased another Ultra Stinger!:mad:

I knew I should have consulted the board first.


What about CO detectors?:mrgreen:

When do you think this will be available? I will be joining NACHI, but not for another month or so.