Inspector Success Seminar in Columbus, Ohio on April 8, 2009.

Why does the Columbus listing tell me to reserve my seat for the NJ seminar and the Cincinnati Lisiting tell me to reserve my seat for the NY seminar.

I’d think about the Cincinatti one but don’t want to go to New York to get it!!

Fixed. And for pointing it out, I bought your seat to the show for ya.

See y’all in Cincinatti on April 8th.

You might want to check the sign in forms again. When I try to reserve my seat for Columbus it freezes up. Let me know when you have it working again so I can sign up.

Mark, must be on your end. Been getting reservations all day. Seems to be fine.

Just an FYI guys (as I got a few emails asking), I won’t be going to Ann Arbor or Ohio unfortunately as I can only do one of these trips a month and just got back from PA,NJ,NY. I will be going to NC & SC at the end of the month though.

And I was going to bring you my secret chocolate chip cookies. :mrgreen:

DOH! I really wish I could go, I just can’t afford that much time away from the office. Too much to get done!