Inspector Success Tip #2

Inspector Success Tip #2. Perform annual inspections and inspections that have nothing to do with a real estate transaction. At the end of your home inspection, are you reminding your client that you’ll be back in a year? Are you up-sellling your service?

Tell them something like, “Now remember, every home should be inspected every year as part of your overall home maintenance plan. In 11 months, I’ll call you and remind you about your annual inspection, and we’ll schedule it. Okay?

Until then, study this book about home maintenance, and when I come back I’ll see how well you’ve done?”

I know many inspectors who are performing “safety inspections” for older clients. I used to be hired by a Home Owners Association, which had older residents, and I’d be called in every once in a while to perform “maintenance and safety” checks.

Think of other types of inspections that you can do - and do them every year. Why spend time and money trying to find new clients, when you’ve already have clients that trust you and value your service - and they are just sitting there. They could be calling you every year, but you’re out handing your expensive brochure to total strangers. At the end of the inspection - you should be selling your next inspection - or up-selling your services.

Don’t just perform a home inspection and STOP and LEAVE! There’s money sitting on the table! Keep selling - keep going - keep up-selling your next service.

Question: Do you know the most powerful question in sales that has ever been asked in all history? Do you know? You’ve been asked it, and you’ve answered the question in the affirmative. Do you know what it is?

“Do you want fries with that?”

That’s the most powerful question in all history of sales.
Are you asking that type of question to your client? You should. You should be asking your client about providing a service that is BUILT upon the service that they just purchased.

That’s the Inspector Success Tip #2.

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