Inspector Success Tip #3

**Inspector Success Tip #3. **
Invest dollars in referrals not in brochures and flyers. Are you spending money in printing brochures and flyers? I know you are. I suggest - Stop! Stop potentially wasting your money investing in flyers and brochures and invest in building referrals. Why invest your hard-earned money in something that has hardly any Return On Investment?

Who do you think is making decisions based upon your brochure or business card? No one! No one is doing anything important with your fancy tri-folded brochure or flyer or card - other than throwing it away into the TRASH.

Stop wasting your money, and invest in something that will actually work - will actually give a HUGE Return On Investment.

Here’s what I recommend doing - I call them “Referral Tickets.” At the end of your inspection, give your client 5 referral tickets. Each ticket has your client’s name on it. You tell your client, “I want to give 5 of your friends $50 off of their next inspection. And it doesn’t have to be part of a real estate transaction. It could be a safety and maintenance inspection, an energy inspection, a roof-condition inspection. And when I get this ticket from your friend, it’ll have your name on it. And I’ll knock off $10 on your next annual inspection.”

Making referrals - word of mouth referrals - have your client speak well of you - and give your client something that they can give to their friends, which incentivizes them to use your services. But it’s up to you to make it work.

You’ve got to do a great job - not good - Great. Your best inspection. Right? You’ve got to earn their testimonial and referral by doing a great inspection. Then, they’ll be GLAD to give away some referral tickets.

Do this, and in about a 3 months, you’ll be collecting referral tickets left and right - and doing a ton of inspections - like annual inspections and inspections on homes that are not even for sale.

Referral Tickets.

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Many of us have been doing “referral rewards” for years. Thanks for the reminder.:smiley:

You got it.
One important point is that your client’s friend does not have to hire you for a home inspection. You should be able to offer a variety of services. I would give out discounts for radon tests for a referral.

I recommend being able to do inspections that have nothing to do with a real estate transaction.

Annual homeowner maintenance inspections is a new stream for many inspectors. Market that a home requires regular maintenance, and should include a safety and maintenance inspection every year.

That’s one of the benefits of using this home maintenance book. It reinforces the idea that a homeowner needs to take the responsibility to maintain their home, and should hire YOU to help them.

  • Inside the book, there is a chapter of “Seasonal Checklists.” You perform a “follow-up” check on the house to see how well they’ve done.
  • Inside the book, there is a chapter about “Saving Energy.” You could perform an energy inspection, before and after recommendations have taken place.