Inspector Support Network

Is anyone using the Inspector Support Network?

Looks like it could be a very inspector friendly service!

Scott, there are several of us here that use the Inspection Support Network. I have been using it solid for the last 7 years and it is a great program that tracks all the little things and even the big stuff. Chris and Dan are great guys and always willing to lend support.

Quite a few guys Scott, plus it plugs right into your Home Inspector Pro software & website :wink:

Well, then…nuff said! :smiley:

Great software, great people, great service!!

Simply great :slight_smile:

The ISN has enormous compatibilities and will basically run and track your business. Once you start using it and realize all the features it offers, you get the feeling “how could I have run my business efficiently without it.”



no and do it all myself for FREE! just my 2 cents…

I use the Inspection Support Network and highly recommend it.

Use it. Love it. Recommend you do the same.

Used it, great concept, great people to work with. After a six month try, I got rid of it because I couldn’t get clients to book online. I had to do the data entry myself. What was the use?

I’m not an inspector so I don’t use it. But I will say that we (FREA) have found it to be very helpful, from a risk management standpoint, due to how thorough and comprehensive it is. Furthermore, Dan and Chris are extremely solid and I’ve enjoyed working with them as a fellow vendor for nearly 5 years now.

I use an online home inspection appointment booking system and as James says, very few of my clients use it to sign up. Yes it is a great concept on paper, but most of my clients hit the first page of my site, see my phone number and never go further. Its funny how we spend so much time tweaking our sites and adding fresh content and clients never see more than the homepage. I ask clients when they call if they saw that they can book a home inspection appointment right from the website, and usually I get “Oh really, great. Where do I do that?” I show them the link to the scheduling calendar on my main navigation bar (I don’t mention that I have many, many links to the same calendar sprinkled throughout the site as well). :slight_smile:

Google does a good job of indexing so there is still a good reason to keep the site updated. I try to add one article each day.