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Inspection training seminar in Newport News, VA on 20 March 2004.

Presenters will discuss: Code requirements for inspecting decks and balconies; chief building instructor for Virginia; Understanding and Inspecting Hydronic heating Systems; Pre-drywall Inspections. 5 hours and 5 NACHI credits approved. Contact Fred Simmermon 757-451-1200 for more information or email : See website

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Roger is the Chief of Inspections, Chesterfield Count Department of Building Inspections and one of the state’s top building

instructors. He gave an excellent presentation to the annual VAREI

meeting last October on changes in the 2000 International Residential

Building Code. This time he will speak about the proper construction

practices for building decks and balconies and along the way will

provide excellent inspection tips on deck and balcony safety. Learn

what’s right and wrong in deck construction-- fasteners, spans,

railings, steps, supports and more!

Mike Stephens: "Pre-Drywall Inspections." Mike will emphasize the
structural part of the pre-drywall inspection. Mr. Stephens has over 30
years experience in the construction industry. He worked for various
small and medium-sized builders before starting his own custom building
company in 1975. He built 120 custom homes and renovated two historic
buildings. He currently manages American Home Inspections in Fairfax
Station, Virginia. Mike has performed approximately 600 pre-drywall
inspections. He will go over some of the most common framing mistakes,
and will teach you how to follow loads through house framing, report
your findings, and work with builders and local officials. Mike
currently is Vice President of the Northern Virginia ASHI chapter.

Fred Simmermon: Understanding and Inspecting Hydronic Heating Systems (Part II) At the request of several attendees, Fred will finish the
presentation on boilers that was cut short in December. The
presentation will cover most of the valves used in hot water heating
systems as well as circulators, tankless coils, air vents and air
separators, gravity systems, piping, radiant ceiling/floor systems and
more. There will be a few pointers on inspecting steam systems as well.
If you have not had Boilers 101 or are confused about boilers, this
will clear things up. Fred has been inspecting for 15 years and
operates a training and support service for inspectors--Inspection
Support Services of Virginia: 757-451-1200

this is good, and cheap ($95:00) education covering some good topics I aplaude the local ASHI chapter for A) putting this on and B) inviting non-members to attend.

Again, this seminar has been accepted for Nachi Cont Ed credit.

Thanks Fred



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