Inspector Website Tip: Video on Your Homepage

People would rather watch a video than read text. I enjoy seeing videos being used on homepages of home inspector business websites. Video provides a passive way to engage visitors with a medium (video) that we all enjoy every day. And with video, visitors can experience your brand (your message) with very little effort.

There are studies that show that using video on landing pages can increase conversion by 80%. I know that your home inspection business website’s homepage is not actually a landing page, but for our purposes here there’s not much difference. A landing page is designed (in conjunction with an advertising or marketing campaign) with a single focused objective known as a Call to Action (CTA). And that’s what a homepage for a home inspection business is all about: the CTA to schedule an inspection.

Videos increase the time visitors stay on your page, giving your website more than just a few seconds to communicate all of the value propositions, the benefits, and the reasons that you should be hired. And if the visitor is watching the home inspector in the video, you have increased your chance of gaining their trust.

Within the video, you may want to use cues to direct your visitors watching the video on your homepage to do something, such as click the “Schedule an Inspection Now” button. If you’re going to use a video that you play and listen to, then you could have verbal instructions to your CTA.

Be sure to add your video to YouTube and optimize it for SEO. It’s been suggested that a video is often more likely to show up on a Google search than a written article or page of information in text.


Thank you, @agromicko1.